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Client: OSF Children’s Hospital Peoria, IL
Project: Milestone project 440,000 sq.ft.

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LMCM offers cleaning services for general contractors throughout the entire project development process. Our services begin with the initial removing of excessive debris or light demo clean-up of rehabilitated structures. As the project progresses, LMCM assures that work sites are kept clean and safe from the resulting work of employees and subcontractors. And finally, once projects are complete, LMCM will prepare the facility for immediate occupancy and use.

Rough Clean – LMCM works with the general contractor specifications to remove excess carpet, tile flooring, dry wall, dust, and any debris left behind and determine a final clean punch list.

Final Clean – LMCM will final clean completed rehab and new construction facilities for clients immediate occupancy, based on the general contractor scope of work. LMCM willl final clean all rest room and fixtures, doors and frames, walls, windows, cabinets, sinks, lights ,carpet, hard flooring, hand rails, stainless steel, and equipment, all with a diamond shine, brand new finish.

Medical facility Final Clean – LMCM will work with medical facilities quality and environmental control specialists to sanitize medical facilities, to the general contractor scope of work. This requires meticulous and precise cleaning to reduce airborne allergens and bacteria in medical labs, operating rooms, and other environmentally sensitive areas. LMCM has mastered the detailed cleaning of large medical machinery and equipment.




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